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Treat acne for good with a prescription formula

Start seeing results within 8 weeks. Our dermatology team prescribes active ingredients you won’t find in any acne treatment on the high street, at the right strength for you.

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Fight acne with actives that work

Blackheads and whiteheads
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Fight acne with actives that work

What is acne?

Acne is a common inflammatory skin condition. There are several types, and most of us will experience it in our lives. Breakouts are usually caused by excess oil production, inflammation and acne-causing bacteria - as well as stress and hormonal changes.

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Just pay a $4.99 prescribing fee.

Evidence-backed active ingredients

If your goal is clear skin and to stop further breakouts, we’ll choose the right ones to get you there.

  • Rx

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  • Dermatica - Azelaic acid illustration

    Azelaic acid


  • Dermatica - Benzoyl peroxide illustration

    Benzoyl peroxide


  • Rx

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  • Rx

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The SmartBase

Your personalized formula is supercharged with powerful prescription ingredients and blended with our hydrating SmartBase cream, which contains hyaluronic acid, ceramides, glycerin and panthenol for best results.

Locks in moisture and softens illustration

Locks in moisture and softens

Nourishes your epidermis on multiple levels illustration

Nourishes your epidermis on multiple levels

Strengthens your skin barrier illustration

Strengthens your skin barrier

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Could oral antibiotics be right for you?

Oral antibiotics, combined with a personalized formula, can help you target multiple acne symptoms at once — speeding up relief and promoting better results from your topical treatment.*

Interested in adding to your plan? Eligible customers can request an evaluation via the dashboard for our dermatology team's assessment.

$59.99 | 16 week course
*Doxycycline is available subject to clinical review of individual skin concerns and eligibility. Image for illustrative purposes only.

How it works

  1. reaching goal illustration

    Step 01

    Complete an online consultation

    This will help our dermatology experts prescribe the right formula for your skin

  2. designing treatment plan illustration

    Step 02

    Apply your formula once a night

    With the perfect combination of active ingredients for your unique skin.

  3. adapting treatment formula illustration

    Step 03

    Check in throughout your journey

    We’ll monitor your progress and adjust your treatment as needed.

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Just pay a $4.99 prescribing fee.

Dermatology, designed for you

Dermatology designed for you
  • A personalized formula, developed by experts

    You’ll get a personalized, evidence-based prescription treatment, tailored to your treatment goals.

  • Delivered to you every 56 days (approx.)

    Your bespoke plan arrives with two bottles every 56 days (approximately), and adapts to your skin’s progress.

  • 24/7 support

    You’ll have free, unlimited access to dermatology experts, whenever you need.

  • You’re in total control

    You can pause, reschedule or cancel your plan online. No strings attached.

First month $4.99

then $29.95/month

Support your treatment with our routine essentials

Our range of daily essentials were designed by dermatologists to work alongside active ingredients. Fragrance free, gentle and effective for all skin types.

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“I love the personalized service & for a great price. I have been really impressed with the product - my skin looks great. It was easy to do the consultation & the retinol cream has been a pleasure to use. It started on a lower % of 0.25 & is now 0.5. Fantastic.”
Sara Caistor
Verified Facebook review
“Amazing service. Brilliant product that I used to pay hundreds of pounds for and amazing results. Tailored to my own skin problems and I can’t recommend Dermatica enough. Easy to cancel if you’re not happy but I guarantee you will be so pleased with the results you will carry on just as I have 😊😊”
Claire Smith
Verified Google review
“Having tried many products before to help with my skin I can honestly say that I have been very impressed with skin is probably the best it has been in years. Getting the formula was simple enough and the results speak for themselves. Worth every penny.”
Erin Beale
Verified Facebook review
“My skin has been the best it's ever been since I was a teenager my pigmentation has significantly cleared and acne has been kept at bay. I will never use anything other than dermatica I am so relieved I found this brand and have recommended to others. I receive compliments on how good my skin looks it's taken years off me.”
Verified review
“I am such a fan of Dermatica and their service. Very easy to manage your subscription but as someone with incredibly problematic skin (who last week got complimented by a stranger on it!) I wouldn't be without it. I truly believe prescription skincare offers so much more than all the creams and lotions you can buy OTC.”
Verified Mumsnet review
“I’ve been using Tretinoin for almost three months now, and I’m loving it. Great customer service, great results and I’m now up to my maximum dose. I’m definitely seeing some peeling, but nothing that wasn’t explained in the literature you receive with the product. It’s saved me an absolute fortune on skincare, as I used to buy every new product on the market that promised the earth and delivered nothing.”
Sarah Blackley
Verified Facebook review
“The initial process of having the assessment and getting my personalized formula was so fast. Shortly after I received my products which I love so much and it has only been 2 weeks. My major skin concern was uneven dull skin tone, enlarged pores and fine lines. My skin is so glowing like it has never been before! It just looks so healthy and feels so soft. I had a few acne marks which are now faded.”
Réka Bódi
Verified Facebook review
“Dermatica has completely revolutionised my skin care. I am now 63 but my skin has never looked so good or been so healthy. My monthly delivery has become a part of my life now and I will continue for as long as I am able. The service is also second to none. Any questions I've submitted have always been answered promptly and without fuss. I would highly recommend Dermatica to anyone who cares about looking their best for as long as possible.”
Verified review
“I have PCOS and have struggled with acne for over 10 years, and have tried what feels like every acne medication available. My skin has never been better than while using my personalized Dermatica treatment, and I'm so happy! The subscription service is also very convenient, so I never have to worry about running out or having to go to the pharmacy for it.”
Bella Duncan
Verified Facebook review
“Love Dermatica. My skin is bright and the large pores and blackheads on my nose have gone. I've been using it for 6 months with Dermatica controlling the strength of the creams supplied to suit. I must say it has saved me a fortune on buying stuff to try and it not working and I can now use basic cleanser and moisturiser.”
Verified Mumsnet review
Dr Catriona Maybury, Consultant Dermatologist
“Acne affects almost 80% of people at some point during their life. Trial and error can be a frustrating process, which we’ve tried to eliminate by giving you a simple routine that will get to work in weeks”
Dr Catriona Maybury, Consultant Dermatologist
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Just pay a $4.99 prescribing fee.

Acne FAQs

How can you treat acne online?
Online dermatology services like Dermatica can help ensure everyone has access to effective treatment for acne, as well as other skin conditions. We do this by assessing your skin through photos that you submit online. Along with a questionnaire to get to know your skin type, our dermatology team will use your photos to accurately diagnose and prescribe the right treatment to suit your skin type and concern.

Unlike traditional dermatologist appointments that often have high costs and wait times, using an online service means you’ll be treated instantly by a friendly dermatology team from home.

To make sure your skin assessment and diagnosis is right for you, the photos should be as clear and well lit as possible. If you’re concerned about how accurate the photos of your skin are, you may want to ask someone else to help you take them.

While acne can impact the body too, at the moment our service only provides treatment for acne on the face.
How long will it take to see results?
The time it takes to see results can depend on:

  • Your skin type (for example, how dry or oily your skin is, and whether you have a tendency to develop dark marks when your skin is inflamed)
  • Your personalized formula (the ingredients you’re prescribed)

You should start to notice changes within the first few weeks, though it may take a little longer to see your skin look its 'best'. To give you an example, people with acne using adapalene will see a visual improvement within 2-5 weeks, but it can take up to 8-12 weeks to get the best results for your skin. To make sure your treatment is as effective as it can be, we’ll be with you throughout your journey, keeping a close eye on your progress and making sure we do all we can to help you reach your treatment goals.
What can I do about my maskne?
Many have experienced 'maskne' during the pandemic, which is an unfortunate side effect of wearing masks. Our skin naturally produces oil, bacteria, and dead skin cells, but when you wear a mask, these substances can sometimes build up more and block your pores. It’s also normal for masks to trap humidity due to breathing and sweating, which can increase the risk of acne. Fortunately, by fighting the bacteria that causes acne, the active ingredients we use in our treatments will help to treat maskne while also improving your skin’s overall complexion. Another way to help prevent maskne, is by wearing masks made from softer materials like silk to help prevent irritation, and cleansing your face regularly - especially after you’ve worn a face mask for a long period of time.
What else can I do to help my acne?
There are several ways to prevent and treat acne alongside using your personalized formula. One of the most effective is cleansing your skin with a gentle cleanser, at least twice a day, and after exercising or sweating.

Using a light moisturizer after cleansing, and sunscreen in the morning protects your skin barrier too. Also, avoiding products that are comedogenic during your treatment will help. Contrary to popular belief, there’s actually no evidence to suggest that acne is directly caused by food, but we recommend a balanced diet and drinking plenty of water throughout the day.

Lastly, stress may contribute to formation of acne because it alters hormones like cortisol. Therefore, exercise and other healthy stress management activities are not only beneficial for your health, but are also great for your skin.
Do you treat scarring?
Our formulas can help treat breakouts, fine lines and hyperpigmentation. They can also improve post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation associated with acne and may also improve the appearance of some types of mild acne scarring.

Some active ingredients may help you achieve a smoother, more even skin texture, but deeper scarring may need specialist treatment. We’d recommend seeing a dermatologist in person to discuss the best options for you.
Will my acne come back if I stop treatment?
Unfortunately, acne can return if you stop treatment. Depending on whether you’re treating pimples or looking to improve the texture of skin once acne has cleared, you might start to notice it coming back in a few weeks.

Although it doesn’t happen to everyone, acne returning after treatment is normal. If this does happen to you, our treatments can be adapted to changes in your skin, so we recommend restarting treatment for another 3-6 months before you consider pausing again.
Can I take antibiotics while using Dermatica treatment?
It's usually fine to take antibiotics while using your Dermatica treatment, but we do advise you to let us know if you start any new medicines so we can double-check if it’s safe. If you are taking oral antibiotics to treat your acne specifically, we'll also advise you on the best next steps, as some of our formulations have antibiotics formulated in them.
Will my acne get worse before it gets better?
In the first weeks of treatment, it's normal for your skin to break out before you see visible improvements. If this happens to you, just know that this is normal, and a sign that your skin is getting rid of some of the breakouts that were due to come through a little later.

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