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Mary Ryan

Mary Ryan


GPhC number 2213341


Mary, a registered pharmacist in both the UK and Republic of Ireland, with over eight years experience, has a wealth of clinical knowledge having worked in the community pharmacy setting, palliative care environment and also the online pharmacy framework. She is particularly passionate about dermatology and to provide an excellent standard of care to her patients, she decided to further enhance her skills in dermatology by undergoing a Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Dermatology from the University of South Wales. This involved examining a range of dermatology conditions including inflammatory dermatoses, skin infections and lesions at specific sites and has given Mary the skills to make evidence-based decisions in her practice.


1. Master of Pharmacy 2012
2. Dermatology in Clinical Practice Postgraduate Diploma 2018
3. Cardiology in Clinical Pharmacy Practice 2019

Medical School

1. Royal College of Surgeons Ireland
2. University of South Wales
3. Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
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