Ready to start your new acne routine? You may be wondering how to use your Dermatica custom formula with other skincare products. We’re here to help.

Our Clinical Lead, Dr. Catriona Maybury, has everything you need to know about your new treatment plan.

Dr. Catriona says…

First of all, keep your routine as simple as possible. If you have acne, use a gentle oil-free cleanser in the morning and follow with a light moisturiser, if you need it. After this, apply sunscreen — I recommend that you use sunscreen all year round, even in the winter.

Morning routine
Oil-free cleanser
Light moisturiser

If you want to apply makeup, make sure you use products that are non-comedogenic, which won’t block your pores.

Evening routine
Gentle, oil-free cleanser
Dermatica formula

In the evening, wash your face using a gentle oil-free cleanser. If you have acne, it’s really important you don’t use a cleanser that’s too harsh or heavily fragranced. This is because it may disrupt your skin’s natural microbiome, which could lead to further inflammation.

After cleansing, apply your moisturiser as usual. You can follow this with your Dermatica formulation. Make sure to avoid very sensitive areas such as your eyelids or around your mouth.

Finally, we wouldn’t recommend that you use any other active treatments alongside your Dermatica formulation, because the ingredients our experts have chosen for you should be effective enough on their own.

Need more advice? Our dermatology team is always here to help you. If you have any queries about your treatment, or the ingredients in your formulation, you can contact us via your dashboard at any time.