So, you’ve got your Dermatica treatment and you’re ready to start your skin journey. It’s important to use your formula correctly to achieve the best results, but how should you apply it

Here’s our guide to getting started with your personalised acne treatment. 

Introduce it to your PM skin routine

You should start using your new formula in your PM routine, rather than first thing in the morning. This is because your evening skincare generally includes fewer products — no SPF or makeup, for example — which helps minimise irritation. Get into the habit of applying your treatment before bed, then leaving it to exfoliate your skin overnight while you sleep.  

Let’s walk through a routine:

  1. In the evening, use a gentle cleanser and remove any makeup. Avoid scrubbing your skin with a cloth or using exfoliating products — this can be harsh on your skin, and cause irritation even before you apply your treatment. 
  2. Next, let your skin dry completely. You can gently pat your face with a soft, clean towel if needed — but remember, no scrubbing!
  3. Once your skin is totally dry, apply a thin layer (1-2 pumps) of your custom formula to your face. Avoid the areas around your eyes and mouth, as they’re more sensitive than the rest of your face, and could get irritated. 
  4. Let it fully absorb into your skin for around 3–5 minutes before applying a light layer of moisturiser, if needed. 
  5. The next morning, cleanse your face, pat it dry and apply a moisturiser of your choice, followed by your sunscreen. Make sure you wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF 30 or higher (even if it’s cloudy) so you don’t undo your formula’s hard work! 

Keep your skincare simple to start with

It can take a few weeks for your skin to adjust to your formula, so we strongly advise starting your treatment in a basic routine. This reduces your chances of skin irritation and allows your treatment to get to work. 

Once your skin gets used to your treatment, you can slowly add other products like serums and toners to your routine. Remember, not all skincare products are compatible with your formula, so please reach out to our dermatology team before using any new active ingredients!

As a general rule, we’d also advise avoiding exfoliating products like scrubs and peels, other spot treatments such as salicylic and glycolic acid, and facial waxing. 


Sometimes you might notice a slight tingle when you apply your formula, but this is normal and no cause for concern! The same applies if you experience some minor side effects, like dryness and peeling. If this starts to feel uncomfortable, though, you can let our dermatology team know at any time via your dashboard, or find out more about managing irritation here